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My Story

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A Happy Accident


The phrase "a happy accident" is usually reserved for Bob Ross or when you talk about one of your children. In my case, it is the best way I can describe how I got my start in woodworking. 

Sometimes in life you have a plan, a path, or a set of goals that you want to achieve and while you are pursuing this, something happens. Something that you originally were not planning, something that surprises you and catches you off guard, but in the end you realize it is a much better path than the one you had originally intended. This is what happened to me.

I was working full time as a graphic designer when I decided I needed a hobby. I had a construction background, I took shop class in high school, and I've been making stuff out of wood since I was a kid. So I borrowed some of my Dad's tools and started to make stuff. Then when the opportunity to tear apart a barn that blew down next to my parents home arouse, I dove in. I spent a weekend with the help of my parents and brother salvaging over half of the barn. 

After I had the salvaged lumber at my disposal, I started making stuff for myself and as gifts for people, all while posting the finished products on Facebook. This small exposure on Facebook made me realize that I was making stuff that people seemed to enjoy. This enjoyment people get when they see what I do is what motivates me. It makes the long hours and the late nights worth it. It is what is the driving force behind my woodworking. It inspires me to try new things and push myself further with my projects. It is what gave me the push I needed to start my own business. All this happened by accident, a happy accident.



You bet your bottom dollar it is. Many of these buildings are destined to be burned. Burning causes greenhouse gasses. Polar bears don't like that. 


Made in the USA?

I'll do you one better. Made in the USA twice. Once by the men and women who constructed these buildings and then again by me, after I salvaged what they left behind. 

Giving Back

Are you hosting a benefit or trying to raise money? Shoot me an email with all the details and I will do everything I can to help out your cause.