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What I stand for

Telling a Story of Hardwork


My mission is to make one of a kind home decor and quality furniture from reclaimed lumber and salvaged items. My hope is that each piece will create a stronger connection with the past and the history that lead up to the piece being created.

I will create products that carry on an untold story of years of hard work that preceded that piece. The hard work of the men and women that built and used the structures that I salvage that made America what it is today. The hardworking men and women that didn’t cut corners, put in the long hours, and always stood up for what was right. In a time when stuff was made to last and if it broke you fixed it. When people never spoke of the good old days because they were too busy living them. The men and women that deserve to have their story told.

The process of creating each piece starts and ends with quality. Doing things correctly usually means doing it the hard way, in the end, the hard way is always worth it. Using quality materials with character that can only be found in lumber that was producted over 70 years ago.
The reclaimed lumber and salvaged items that I use to create each piece show their story through the worn, weathered, and tattered surfaces. This character helps tell the story of how each piece became to be.